S.o.u.l. Musiq

"We The MF Team H*E"

In 2015 a group of four boys (Phillip Smith, Marquel Williams, Marquez Jones. and James Ewing) teamed up to fulfill one common dream that they all shared among each other. Which is to make original, dope vibes, political and classic music which the world has been truly missing for many years now. Growing up studying legends they wanted to follow in their footsteps by coming up with their own label to own everything and stand behind something solid. That's when the acronym of Staying Original Under Law was used to create S.O.U.L Musiq records. 

Since then S.O.U.L Musiq has made a lot progress with notable milestones such as launching a management company, Ceo's/recording artists Detroit Redd & VISION reaching 100k views on YouTube, and five projects released under the label. The label has also picked up a handful of artist and branched off labels such as 865 Mobb, Ugly Gvng, and GMB South. The roster includes acts such as Ray Woods (865 Mobb), Jay Dubb (Ugly Gvng), Fletch Poncho,Devindidthisone(Inhouse Producer), Chris Tercero, ASH, Lil Ready, Jay, Dee Sosa (GMB South), and Tre Weezy/DEX.  We have some strong acts under our belt with unlimited potential, so the sky is the limit for us. We have so much to share with the world this year and beyond. Stay tuned, in the words of Ray Woods "S O U L is the mission".